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Nano Technology use in Defense (Term Paper Sample)


Write a paper onthe use of Nano Technology use in Defense


Nano Technology in Defense
National defense is one area where the application of nanotechnology is essential. There are many ways in which this technology can be applied to enhance security. One such use is the design of the armor — the chemical and mechanical properties of nanomaterial result to production of armors, which are light in weight. Consequently, the armors are easy to carry and allow the soldiers to be quick to react, enhancing their response to security threats. Nanomaterial uses less energy. This property is helpful in the design of armors that consume less power. Such armors increase the operations of security as risks associated with high energy-consuming equipment are avoided. The energy efficiency also helps to control properties such as sound. The armors are silent in operation, making the security team cover their visibility during operation.
Another way of enhancing defense by the use of nanotechnology is in the design of armors with high communication techniques. The need for effective communication is crucial for security. One of the ways in which communication can be enhanced is to come up with secure means of passing information. Coated polymer developed through nanotechnology can help to achieve secure communication (Petkov et al., 2018). The polymers which use different light signals to pass the information are fitted in clothes of soldiers. The communication, therefore, becomes hard to be intercepted by wrong parties due to the high technology making it be very secure. The element used in nanotechnology, mainly carbon and silicon, are manipulated to allow propagation of the light signal.
Clothing is another way where the application of nanotechnology helps in enhancing national defense. As already seen, nanomaterial can be designed in clothes used by solders to communicated. Furthermore, clothes designed from nanotechnology are light in weight. When used in battle, such clothes would ease the movement and flexibility of soldiers. Also, the clothes would be ideal for use in areas with high temperatures.
The design of battle-suits would also help in enhancing the defense. Nanotechnology would be critical in how the battle-suits are made. Nanotechnology makes the production of polymers, which absorbs energy easy (Altmann, 2017). Through the production of such polymers design of bulletproof suits with enhanced properties is possible. The bulletproof suits developed are light in weight and can be modified to protect various vital body organs.
Despite the advantage which nanotechnology brings to national defense, there is a various limitation as well. On

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