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Write a paper on the impact of climate change


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Climate change which by definition is disruption of weather patterns caused by an increase of carbon dioxide emission has multiple impacts. The impacts can be classified into physical, biological, and human. It is worthwhile to notice that the different classifications are interlinked and all threaten human life on the earth.
One of the physical effects of climate change is the melting of the poles caused by the increase in global temperature. Both poles of the earth are composed of a massive amount of ice. With raised temperatures, the ice melts resulting in a rise in ocean levels. The impact of such sea levels rises the displacement of people to high altitudes area (Crate & Nuttall, 2016). Furthermore, the melted ice can flow, causing flooding in the rivers which impact various human activities like agriculture and fishing.
Climate change also impacts the aquatic ecosystem. Increase of temperature can cause the death of flora and fauna, which lead to the disruption of the ecosystem. A decrease in some components of the food web for a give aquatic system will mean the displacement of animal species from one place to another. The change in such a given ecosystem will translate to change of human activities such as fishing and reduced food production.
Another impact of climate change is reduced food production. When weather patterns change, people cannot predict the correct seasons for agricultural activities. Moreover, prolonged droughts can be experienced, which in turn leads to the destruction of livestock and crops. Reduced food production furthermore can cause human and animal conflict as competition for food increase (Ha

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