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Impacts of Technological Advancements on Healthcare (Term Paper Sample)


This question wants the learner to state and discuss the impacts of technological advancements on healthcare. The students were supposed to include the really example of technologies that are employed in health care industry and how they have impacted the functioning or how things are accomplished.


Impacts of Technological Advancements on Healthcare
Student’s name
Technological innovations and evolutions are leaving their mark on every trade, industry, and sector. In healthcare, technological advancement is increasingly performing a role in nearly all processes such as patient registration, data monitoring, lab test, and self-care tools. A careful assessment reveals the way digital innovations are ushering in a new era of medical care democratization in which patients have a significant influence over their health management. Healthcare services are moving out of the confines of hospital buildings and are currently integrated with accessible and user-friendly devices. For example, devices like tablets and smartphones are replacing traditional monitoring and recording systems and allowing individuals to access full consultations from their homes. Therefore, this study explores how technological developments have impacted healthcare in recent years.
Electronic Medical Records
The health professionals concerned with billing and coding have benefited from changes brought by technology enormously. In a few decades ago, billing and coding of medical records used to be paper-based. But in recent years, these processes have been computerized thus making the work of healthcare employees smooth. Computerized health records provide a broad range of benefits to the medical sector. For instance, with a single touch, the physicians can view all kind of care a particular patient has ever received and thus attain a better understanding of how to administer medication. Programmed medical records also make it possible for the healthcare facilities to have statistical documentation of the entire population. Moreover, the healthcare system is becoming more transparent and unnecessary expenses are now being minimized or avoided (Hitt, 2016).
Health Mobile-Based Apps
Technological evolution has made it possible for the physicians and other individuals to come up with mobile apps which execute a vital role in monitoring and managing the health of persons across the globe. These apps are now freeing medical care devices of cords and wires hence establishing an improved interaction between the patients and doctors. The tablets and smartphones permit healthcare providers to access and disseminate health information to a large population more efficiently. The physicians and other service providers in hospitals rely on apps in the documentation and making orders. Furthermore, the patients are now active players in managing their health and treatment. With mobile apps, individuals can track their heart rate, sleeping patterns, and exercise as well as count their calories. The apps have occupied a significant role in booking appointments and accessing health information (White, 2016).

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