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Making a digital transformation report for Tata motors (Term Paper Sample)

This report focuses on the digital transformation of Tata Motors. It highlights the areas in which digital transformation can help the business of Tata Motors. It also highlights how Tata Motors can gain digital agility. Furthermore, it highlights what areas Tata Motors should focus on to create a digital-ready environment in its organization. source..
MSc Management MSc Management with (Project Management, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing) Topic: Making a digital transformation report for Tata motors Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u “Introduction” PAGEREF _Toc126107781 \h 3“Change Analysis and Opportunities” PAGEREF _Toc126107782 \h 4“Digital Business Agility” PAGEREF _Toc126107783 \h 6“Creating a Digital-Ready Culture” PAGEREF _Toc126107784 \h 8“Developing Digital Leadership” PAGEREF _Toc126107785 \h 10“Conclusion” PAGEREF _Toc126107786 \h 13“References” PAGEREF _Toc126107787 \h 14 “Introduction” This report will focus on the digital transformation of Tata Motors. It will highlight the areas in which digital transformation can help the business of Tata Motors. It will highlight how Tata Motors can gain digital agility. It will also highlight what areas should Tata Motors focus on in order to create a digital-ready environment in its organisation. It will also highlight the leadership style upon which nurturing the digital transformation can become more efficient. “Change Analysis and Opportunities” Tata Motors is a multinational company which focuses on auto manufacturing that has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. It is a subsidiary of the TATA Group business focusing on energy Steel and other development products and consumer goods. The range of products offered by the Tata Motors Company is wide. The range of products includes buses, trucks, passenger cars and vehicles dedicated to defence. The business of the TATA company is spread in over 150 countries. The core focus of the company lies in producing and selling vehicles for commercial and personal purposes. It also provides after-sale service for the vehicle. It was established in 1945 and has grown to many parts of the world since then The areas of the company that are being impacted due to the digital description are * Supply chain management: the supply chain of this company is complex in nature, and with the help of digital disruption the management of the company evolved. The company has adopted various digital tools that help in supply chain management. These digital tools include ERP systems and EDI systems, which help in improving the transparency and efficiency of the supply chain process (Mladenova, 2020). This tool helps the company in tracking the suppliers and the parts which are being used in its processes in real-time (Reid-Regierand Snage, 2022). These tools help in reducing the cost by minimising the risk caused by a disruption in the supply chain. * After-sales services: The after-sale service of the company is also evolved through the implementation of digital tools in the company's processes. Various digital tools very implemented and invested in by this company such as IoT technology in its vehicles and telematics, which improves the interaction of the customer with the vehicle (Ghosh et al., 2022). This helps in enhancing the experience of the customer through the services provided by Tata Motors. This helps the company by identifying potential threats and issues so that they can be mitigated properly. * Marketing and sales: the marketing and selling process of the business of Tata Motors is also improved with the help of digital disruption. The way vehicles are marketed and sold by the company is systemised with the help of digital tools. The implementation of the tools also has helped customers to purchase vehicles online. Customers are now also able to research and compare different varieties of vehicles with the help of online services provided by Tata Motors. The Digital section also helped Tata Motors to stay competitive in the market and properly adapt its processes according to the changes in customer demand. Investing in eCommerce initiatives and digital marketing tools the company is also able to reach a variety of customers through its online space (Soni, 2020). Tata Motors also utilizes social media and other digital platforms to market its product launches and the facilities newly introduced in the company. “Figure 1: Tata motors plan for digital transformation” (“Source:, 2021”) For successful digital transformation of the organisation, the key opportunities that Tata Motors can utilise are * Investing in advanced digital tools: By investing in cutting-edge tools, the CIO of Tata Motors can increase the rate of digital transformation. The tools include artificial intelligence, cloud computing and others. this technology can be utilised for improving the efficiency of the position inside the company and enhance customer experience. It can also help in improving and creating new revenue streams for Tata Motors. * Using data to make decisions: Tata Motors can also utilise the data that is generated during the processes of the company to study and improve its efficiency. With the help of collecting and analysing the data, the management of the company can make more informed decisions. * Fostering a culture of innovation: the CIO of Tata Motors can also explore opportunities to foster A culture of innovation within the company. This includes setting up various competitions and initiatives like hackathons and coding competitions to encourage employees to find new ways to solve problems and increase their creativity. “Digital Business Agility” “Figure 2: Digital business agility” (“Source: IMD business school, 2018”) To gain Digital business agility, the initiative and Technology that Tata Motors can focus on, are * Hyperawareness: With the help of advanced technology like the internet of things and machine learning, Tata Motors can gain hyperawareness. A large volume of data is generated during the utilisation of vehicles, by collecting and further analysing the data, the company can make informed decisions. real-time insights can be the company with context to marketing Trends and customer behaviour, from studying the data collected from the vehicles. The company can further utilise this data demands of the customers and new changes in the market and adjust its business model to meet the demand (Gupta et al., 2021). For example, different machine learning models can be utilised by the company to analyse the data and identify trends in the preference of the customer. This data can also be utilised by the company to launch new products, according to the needs of the customer. Using the data from the electronic components of the vehicle, the company can observe its performance over a period of time. It can also be helpful when issues in the vehicle arise, by figuring out which components are malfunctioning, with the help of electronic sensors. * Fast execution: By leveraging advanced technology like Augmented reality and virtual machines, the company can increase the speed of its execution. The company can implement this technology in its processes and experiment with different models while simulation so that it can test new products before launching the product. This Technologies can also be used by the company to train new employees and demonstrate its products that are newly launched, to the customers (Gupta et al., 2021). For example, by utilising simulation technology the company can provide a virtual driving experience to the customer and note their experience. This will enable the company to experiment with new models and check if it matches the liking of the customer or not (Hoyer et al., 2022). This will also help in noting the issues in the existing model by observing the reaction of the customers while driving it. Using Technology like Augmented reality, the company can show its model anywhere without the physical model. This can help in organising campaigns in local areas without carrying fresh vehicles at all places. * Making informed decisions: By collecting from various sources and studying the pattern of the data, the company can make informed decisions. Advanced data analysis Technology can be leveraged by Tata Motors to find patterns in the collected data. Using big data technology, the company can handle and analyse loads of data from various sources to predict future trends in the market (Naeem et al., 2022). For example, using statistics and analytics technology the company can learn the demand for their specific model of the vehicle and can improve their inventory management. Management of the company can also become more efficient using data Technology. The data generated from the day-to-day activities of the employees can be analysed so that the issues can be discovered. This can help the management find areas on which it can focus so that the productivity of its employees increases. “Creating a Digital-Ready Culture” The approach that Tata Motors can take to improve its digital-ready culture is * Putting customers first: With the advancement of Technology, companies should be prioritising the need of putting customers first. companies must prioritise the experience of the customer with the company to have an edge in the digital economy. The experience of the customer with the different touch points of the company should be focused on so that the company can learn the bottlenecks in their processes and further work on them. Companies which prioritise improving the experience of the customer are observed to be to have achieved success in the long term (Fader, 2020). This also helps them in staying competitive in the market. Tata Motors should focus on the experience of the customers as it will help them stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive market that deals with automotive parts. * Creating a culture of collaboration: Tata Motors should encourage a culture of collaboration that involves open communication and cross-functional teamwork. This can be achieved with the help of the encouragement of employees and the breakdown of the silos within the organisation. Companies which have a collaborative ...
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