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Islamic Architecture Art (Term Paper Sample)


the students were required to research and find an Islamic art piece they like. the instructir was not specific on the type of art they would use for their paper. the students were then require to put into words what they saw on the art piece and what they thought the art meant to muslim. the instructor wanted to show the studnets that art and religion can fuse and art can be used to portray people's religion.


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Islamic Architecture Art
The Muslim religion has different art forms, with one of their main forms of art being architecture art. They incorporate their beliefs and customs in their unique architectural art pieces. The art piece on hand is a wall piece or a decorated wall. This type of art is mainly common in religious places. The art itself is shaped like a window or a door full of different colors and patterns that make the piece beautiful. The first thing a person sees from the edges is a lining made up of a pattern that goes across the entire art piece. The lining seems to be marking the borders or serve the same purpose as a beautiful window frame. Almost ten layers follow each other from the edges going inwards with different patterns. The third last feature that can be seen looks like a structure with the iconic mosque roof on top. The feature on top makes the piece’s main intention as an Islamic art unquestionable. The other two parts are circular pieces; the three middle pieces are bigger, while the other pieces are smaller.
The piece is breathtaking and interesting to look at. Some of the effects the art piece has on viewers include; the first is that it seems or looks like a door. The shape and size look like a door hea

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