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Analysis of Culture and the Tales of the Gengi (Term Paper Sample)


the task involved an analysis of culture and the Tales of the Gengi


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Tales of the Genji
It is believed in Japanese culture that the spirits of living persons under certain circumstances can leave their bodies and wander the earth. Using example(s) from the texts, describe the events in which it can happen.
The book the Tale of the Genji portrays evil spirits in various ways. It gives a detailed description of the Japanese culture, especially one referred to as Ikiryo, which refers to the act of nature, leaving the body of an individual living and haunts other people and places. This popular belief has been in existence since the early times. The Genji tales account for the experiences and people who have been in contact with these evil spirits. Among these spirits, the vengeful ones are said to inflict curses on their subjects by transforming into other forms. The tales of Genji explain how a grudge is held; the spirit appears in front of the issue and causes them harm.
Another means the Ikiryo is believed to work through possession. Evil spirits can inflict harm through possessing an individual without them being aware of the possession. In other explanations, the Ikiryo does not always have a motive of revenge but may also include other intentions. In some circumstances, the Ikiryo may possess a person out of love, while others may leave an individual who is dying to take possession of their loved ones.
The literature of Tales of the Genji describes an episode of the Ikisudama that emerged for lady Rokujo and tormented the pregnant wife of Genji, which resulted in her death after giving birth. After the end of the wife of Genji, Lady Rokujo went ahead to torment other individuals who would come to be known as the consorts of Genji.
During the Heian period, the concept of the spirit leaving the body can be referred to as Akugaru, which is a term that means departure. In the Tale of Genji, Kashiwagi, mentally challenged, fears that his spirit may be left to wander. He requests that Murakami perform the last rites to prevent his heart from going his body.
There are many incidences of those possessed that have been recorded all over Japan. These stories relate to spirits that take an individual's material form and keep someone close to them. The individual who receives nature gets overshadowing by the individual's death. Ichiro can also be manifested in the form of noises like that of a door opening. This kind of spirit departs the body and walks around looking for people to possess. Yanagita is defined as the ability of evil spirits to transverse the world in the form of Ikiryo. Such individuals are thought to have control over this ability, unlike individuals who can get into shapes as precursors of their deaths.

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