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Chikasaw Tribe History Term Paper Research Coursework (Term Paper Sample)


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Chickasaw Tribe
1. Synopsis
The history of the Chickasaw Tribe in its current location started in mid 1800 when it was separated from its original nation called the Choctaw nation and restructured its government. The Chickasaw tribe occupied areas in what is now referred to as the states of Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi before that time. Some of the earliest recorded histories of the group started in the mid-1500s when a traveler called Hernando De Soto came upon the tribe during his travels to the southeastern part of the Americas (Adair 3- 19). The administration of President Andrew Jackson relocated the Chickasaw nation to be the location where it currently occupies but as a part of the first Choctaw Nation. They were moved in the 1830s, and most of them were unsatisfied with the move as they were now forced to be part of the larger nation and, as a result, cut their connections with the Choctaw nation through a treaty with the U.S and the Choctaws to form their government. The Chickasaw Nation’s boundaries were, therefore, created by treaty and are still recognized today by the American government (Adair 3- 19).

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