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Relationship Among Difference, Representation, and Philosophy in Women Profiling (Term Paper Sample)


The task was about exploring the relationship between difference, representation, and philosophy and how it happens in different contexts. The sample demonstrates by capabilities to handle philosophy tasks at graduate level, format in mla and meet all the requirements.


Representing Difference
Part 1: Theoretical foundations
The course has been significant in highlighting issues related to difference, representation, and philosophy. It does that by recognizing the fact as humans, individuals have cultures, traditions, beliefs, and behaviors that affect how they relate and perceive others. It is critically important to understand that the course's content extensively explores the relationship between difference, representation, and philosophy. That gives leeway to explore the wider concept of representation difference. As comes out during the course, the concept signifies a susceptible process covering fundamental issues regarding individuals and how they think about themselves and others (Dotson, p. 11). The representing difference concept covers a range of issues, including race, gender, age, culture, family structures, sex, and religion, as essential descriptions that shape how they interact and relate with members with whom they do not share similar attributes. In some way, if an individual thinks their way is superior or inferior, it then affects their way of representing themselves in a diverse society.
The differences are fundamentally clear in the manners the Western and Eastern societies present themselves. There are predominant practices that set distinct characteristics between the Westerners and Easterners, including gender, race, religion, creation of family structures, age, and class. The views significant differs and individuals' identity vary depending on how they perceive the describing traits. Even the all humans are the same and derive from the same original, the values, traditions, and beliefs they have been inspired to subscribe to influence the ways individuals ailing from Western and Eastern society respond and share (Dotson, p. 17). One fundamental philosophical and issue of representation difference that has feature sensationally and several during the course training is gender and women profiling. Different societies have their ways of treating and handling women, and their treatment is closely associated with the aspects of class, sex, and gender. Their way their status is defined greatly defines their conviction and the level they are regarded in society. That brings into perspective the concept of feminism, a movement being championed by society to help fight for women's rightful space in society. That notwithstanding, what is outstanding and proves to be common in almost every society, is how women are considered and the role society plays in ensuring they are also treated with love and as equals. It is an issue to understand that women remain very vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society. That is respective of their role in social, political, and economic development. The defining and underlying philosophical 

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