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Dissertation proposal Health, Medicine, Nursing Thesis Proposal (Thesis Proposal Sample)


The paper was a dissertation proposal on The Effects of Refined Carbohydrates on Gut Micro Biota


The Effects of Refined Carbohydrates on Gut Micro Biota
Name: Ammar Alammar
ID: 16204799
Carbohydrates are the macronutrients including starches, sugars, fibres and sugars found in high concentration in grains, fruits, fibres and their consumption are vital to a healthy life. In the human digestive system, there exist millions of bacterial microorganisms that produce several vitamins and several other essential amino acids that are not synthesized by organs in the human body. The microbes thus play an important role in the development and growth of the human body as well as digest foods undigested by the small intestine. This paper has developed four research aims and objections that will act as a guide to build a substantial literature that will attempt at figuring the effect that microbiotas have on human bodies using the human cells firstly developed from the gut. These objective are: To establish the Effects of Refined Carbohydrates on Gut Micro Biota. To determine how the cells benefit immensely from the Gut Micro Biota. To prove how the cells assist the body growth with the benefit gained from Gut Micro Biota bacteria. To determine how energy, nutrients, and oxygen obtained from the Gut Micro Biota distributed by the cells in the body. The paper has analyzed the entire process from when the gut microbiota in human beings are developed to how they produce nutrients in cells and the role the cells play in the development and growth of the human body. The paper will employ the use of questionnaires to defend the literature, as there exists little research carried out on this topic previously. Consumption of a low-fat diet is beneficial to the human body as the carbohydrates are broken down and fermented by the gut microbiota to yield energy and to produce 

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