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Application for MSN program at the University of Washington, Bothell (Admission Essay Sample)


write admission essay for mns program at the univrsity of washington bothell


Application for MSN program at the University of Washington, Bothell
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Application for MSN program at the University of Washington, Bothell
An opportunity to further my studies in masters of nursing at the University of Washington, Bothell is the most incredible chance I have ever come across that I enthusiastically intend to secure without reservation. From my previous work and academic experience, I have proven that I am capable of working exceptionally well and rewarding people who grant me such an opportunity. I enrolled for masters in nursing program during fall season in 2015 after graduating with BSN program and attaining a GPA of 3.8. Despite experiencing financial challenges, I always ensure that I do what is humanly possible in order to further my educational skills as well as work experience.
The scholarship is a noble opportunity that enables me to focus my entire attention on accomplishing the best grade in MSN program. I will become a good ambassador and represent Washington University, Bothell well throughout my whole career life. MSN program is ideal for me as it seeks to prepare practicing nurses with specialized skills, values and knowledge. After completion, it enables graduates to take up leadership positions in the healthcare as well as advancing evidence-based nursing. Furthermore, the program will enable me to apply the existing knowledge and inquiry spirit in research and development. At the end of the program, I will be educationally equipped with the core content for handling microsystems, evidence-based nursing practice and patient outcomes.Washington University, Bothell has the most flexible MSN program, numerous unique features, outstanding professors, and superior nursing experiences that I admire(Wills& Bolcer, 2014). It is a University of choice offering world class quality education that prepares graduates to face challenges of today.Empirically, Washington University, Bothell has the highest number of qualified professors in the department of nursing in the region.
Evidently, the MSN program at Washington University enables graduates to synthesize theoretical work in order to respond to emerging challenges in the healthcare system. It further enables the graduates to synthesize scientific theories and findings in nursing to improve outcome as well as initiating change. My objective is to influence policies in the healthcare to benefit the community around me. I intend to exploit the skills gained in exerting leadership that enables the creation of a collaborative healthcare system. In addition, the program will enable me to synthesize evidence-based nursing to creatively improve outcome and quality in the healthcare...
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