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How Psychology Can Assist In The Nursing Career (Admission Essay Sample)


The task was about writing an admission essay on how psychology can assist in the nursing career. The sample was about Psychology in Nursing.


Psychology in Nursing
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Psychology in Nursing
Although the core function of a nurse is to provide physical health care to patients, the psychological skills, however, are a crucial part of the nursing profession due to the fact that the nurses can be able to analyze the mental state of their patients. This analysis, in turn, helps them to get an understanding of how they can interact with the patients so as to help them and offer them proper care. Some of the nurses use the psychology training to help their patients cope with the mental health issues. This means that hose nurses who have mastered both nursing and psychology are able to perform their duties excellently. There are various approaches to psychology and all the approaches are aimed at providing better health and social care for the patients. Just because there are different approaches does not mean that there is a specific approach to psychology that deals with health care and nursing only. Therefore, this essay will analyze the factors that support the reasoning and the belief that the psychology discipline helps nurses in their profession. It also assesses the different factors that support this notion.
Information of Career
In the examination of a patient's condition, the nurses do not only consider the illness. This means they do not only consider how severe the illness is or how much pain the patient is experiencing, they are also supposed to monitor the response of the patient to the treatment and to the care they are administered with (Sanderson, 2012). Some patients may respond to their treatment with optimism no matter whether or not they are in pain or what terminal disease they have been diagnosed with. Some other patients, however, may respond to their treatment with a lot of pessimism. They may even go as far as lashing out to the members of their family or even to the nurses and doctors. There are also those patients that may find it hard to deal with their symptoms as they may experience unbearable pain. As part of the nursing profession, the nurses are supposed to recognize these mental and emotional issues and in turn record them in their evaluation of the patients (Ogden, 2012).
In creating a proper treatment plan a nurse is supposed to consider all aspects of the patient's evaluation. This means that the nurse must consider bot the physical and mental evaluation information of the patient. An example of an instance whether the mental evaluation may come in handy is the instance where a patient my suffering from anxiety due to his or her ailment. This anxiety may cause the patient to refuse to get out of the bed. The result of this would be the fact that the patient may experience some secondary complications, which would be fatal to him or her (DeSteno, Gross, & Kubzansky, 2013). Once a nurse is able to identify that the patient is not willing to participate in his or her recovery she is in turn required to help the patient by providing them with encouragement and emotional support. This support will be given while at the same time fusing his treatment plan with the psychological care. Using the psychology discipline she may be able to set some short term goals for the patient. Some of these goals may be like ensuring the patient gets out of bed four times a day (Sanderson, 2012).
Psychology may also be used by a nurse to find ways that they can use to interact with their patients. This is based on factors such as the patient's personality, age, and culture. A proper example is a pediatric nurse, for example, he or she is supposed to know that the younger patients are bound to be more frightened that the adult patients (Ogden, 2012). Therefore, a nurse that is conversant with development psychology will be better suited for the young patients since they will not face a lot of difficulty in understanding their situations. These nurses will be able to deal with the young patients in a way that will eradicate the fears and the confusion that they have.
Psychology helps the nurse to establish a closer relationship with patients which subsequently ensures that the patient communicates to them about their symptoms with more ease. The relationship between patients and nurses that is as a result of the psychology ensures that the patients are able to trust their nurses. This trust then encourages them to follow the nurse's instructions and thus leads to a faster recovery of the patients. It also ensures that the patients take the nurses advice of ensuring that they take care of themselves (DeSteno, Gross, & Kubzansky, 2013).
There are some nurses who center their nursing practice on the psychology skills. These nurses are known as the psychiatric nurses, and they work with patients with severe depression and substance abuse. They help their patients to cope with their issues in platforms such as the hospitals, drug treatment facilities and the health agencies who work from the patient's home. They also work as care managers in inspecting care plans and evaluating the progress that the patients make as they receive treatment. These nurses also play the crucial role of providing counseling and intervention of crisis while at the same time coming up with the necessary strategies of managing the mental issues (Sanderson, 2012).
Career and Psychology
From the information above it becomes clear that psychology in the nursing profession is very important. Learning psychology and nursing go hand in hand as it helps one to understand the patients that he or she is dealing with. The fact is that a patient-nurse relationship is very important i...
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