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The Task Is To Provide An Annotated Bibliography On Bone Tumor (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


This paper provides an annotated bibliography on bone tumor, in relation to the three articles.


Annotated Bibliography
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Annotated Bibliography on Bone Tumor
One of the relatively rare kinds of cancer are the primary bone tumors (Nedelcu et al, 2014). Their comparative rate is not yet clearly established and there is a lot of information required concerning the patients’ evolution as well as prognosis. Malignant tumors of the bone make up 0.2 percent of all cancers that are identified in the United States (U.S) and represent 10 percent of malignant conditions in the course of infancy as well as adolescence (Nedelcu et al, 2014). According to Miron et al (2014), liposarcome of the bone is exceptionally rare tumor within pediatric population with a rate of not more than 0.1 percent of every primary bone tumor. Every age cluster may get affected, although the children are hardly affected (Miron et al, 2014). In adolescence, physical activity might contribute to the growth of healthy lifestyles in adults, facilitating in the reduction of incidences of chronic disease. On the other hand, description of the optimal quantity of adolescence physical activity needs addressing various scientific challenges (Hallal et al, 2006).This paper provides an annotated bibliography on bone tumor, in relation to the three articles.
1. Hallal, P. C., Victora, C. G., Azevedo, M. R. & Wells, J. C. K. (2006). Adolescent Physical Activity and Health. Sports Med 36(12), 1019-1030.
The purpose of the study
The purpose of this article is to analyze the proof on short- as well as long-term effects of health of adolescents’ physical activity. The literature’s systemic reviews were carried out in respect to a period of between 2000 and 2004, majorly on the database of MEDLINE/PubMed. Appropriate studies were established through examination of abstracts, titles, and full papers, consistent with inclusion measure defined a priori.
Participants and procedures
A conceptual framework was recommended to summarize how physical activity in adolescents might contribute to health in adulthood, including some pathways. Pathway A was used to track physical activity since adolescence to adulthood. Pathway B summarizes direct influence of physical activity in adolescence on morbidity in adults. Pathway C identifies physical activity’s role in managing morbidity in adolescents. Pathway D provides short-term advantages of adolescence physical activity on health.
Major findings and implications
The reviews of literature indicated consistent proof supporting pathway A, even though the degree of the relationship seems to be moderate. Hence, there is a secondary outcome on every health advantage coming from physical activity in adulthood. Concerning pathway B, physical activity in adolescents appears to offer long-term advantages on sedentary behaviors, breast cancer, and bone health. Regarding pathway C, adolescents’ physical activities that involve water are useful in the management of asthma, and there is recommendation of exercise in cystic fibrosis management. Additionally, self-esteem is positively influenced by physical activity in adolescents. In accordance with pathway D, physical activity in adolescents offers short-term advantages; the powerful proof gives reference to mental and bone health.
2. Nedelcu, D., Adreescu, N., Boeriu, E., Stefanescu, R., Arghirescu, S. & Puiu, M. (2014). Retrospective Study on Osteosarcoma ad Ewing Sarcoma- Our Experience. Maedica- a Journal of Clinical Medicine 9(2), 151-156.
The purpose of the study
The purpose of the article was to analyze various factors such as tumor stage, lesion site, tumor volume, complications that are disease related, and complications that are therapy related. These factors influenced bone tumor’s evolution in most patients diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma or osteosarcoma.
Participants and procedures
A retrospective analysis was carried out on hospital-based archive from Louis Turcanu Timisoara, the Emergency Hospital for Children. Patients with freshly diagnosed Ewing sarcoma and osteosarcoma, hospitalized in the clinic during a phase of ten years (1996 to 2006) were involved. Records were evaluated for demographics of the patient, lesion site, treatment, and results. The study cluster was made up of thirty six patients with tumors of the bone, within ages three to twenty three years, coming from Timis and various counties near it.
Major findings and implications
The study found Ewing Sarcoma in 52.94 percent of cases and 47.06 percent of osteosarcoma cases were analyzed. Diseases were established in advanced phases in 33.3 percent of cases in phase III and 27.7 percent in phase IV. The volume of tumor had not less than 200cm3 in 53.3 percent of osteosarcoma patients and cases of Ewing Sarcoma had 21 percent. Treatment was established in accordance with the European practice. Complications due to disease were established in 51 percent of Ewing Sarcoma patients and in 26.6 percent of osteosarcoma cases. Therapeutic method in Ewing sarcoma and osteosarcoma signifies an interdisciplinary collaboration. The chemotherapy is normally applied in cooperation with radiotherapy and/or surgery. The radiotherapy and surgery as single approach are linked to a low rate of survival. The optimal patient care signifies the application of a protocol that include multi-agent chemotherapy. The chemotherapy practice in osteosarcoma links the use of doxorubicin, cisplatin, leukovorin-rescue, and high-dose methotrexate. The advances in malignancies’ molecular characterization cooperated with latest and more effective therapeutic methods were followed by a good outcome for the majority of common kinds of cancers.
3. Miron, I., Aprodu, G., Mihaila, D., Plamadeala, P., Miron, O. T., Ciubara, A., Miron, L., Burlea, M., Moisa, S. M. & Lucaci, L. (2014). Primary Bone Liposarcoma in Children. Case Presentations.
The purpose of the study
The purpose of this article was to present a case in primary bone liposarcoma even though it is considered an extremely uncommon tumor, regardless of the element that there is rich adipose cells in the bone marrow. Primary bone liposarcoma is suitably rare to rationalize reporting cases that are isolated.
Participants and procedures
The case was presented based on a fourteen years old female girl, hospitalized in a children’s hospital, Sf. Maria Emergency Clinic Hospital. The child had an accusing pain, functional deficiency and tumefaction within her right arm. The symptoms suddenly took place around twenty-four hours before presentation, after a falling ordeal on her right arm. The x-ray done on the bone revealed a tumor within the proximal area of the humerus bone, linked to a pathological fracture.
Major findings and implications
A biopsy obtained from the tumor was carried out and according to the pathology report (immunohistochemistry and histology) showed a malignant liposarcomatous proliferation.
In article 1, the statistical methods applied in the reviewed studies were inconstant, and this might have...
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