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The Risk of Aspiration on Dysphagic Patients (Case Study Sample)


Please watch the video and answer the question:
d. Using peer reviewed evidence to support your position, briefly discuss how the actions of nurse Margie, in relation to the identification and reporting of Mr Shepherd’s risk of aspiration to nurse Jo, could have impacted Mr Shepherd and his ongoing care.
Based on my understanding that you need to answer "What was in the handover?" "What should be in handover?" and "How could this handover affect Mr Shepherd? "
Because in the video nurse Margie did not do correct thing when handover to nurse Jo
Try to link it to ISBAR framework


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The report should have highlighted Mr. Shepherd's positioning to prevent aspiration, even when ingesting orally. According to Kagaya et al. (2011, p35), positioning patients while having them reclined or in the recumbent position, inclining them to the side, may help prevent aspiration. If the nurse would have included all these in the report, then there would be a smooth transition of care for Mr.Shephard.
Margie failed to document and report on the exercises Mr. Shepherd could do to help relieve the dysphagia hence reduces aspirations. Exercises like the shaker and the strengthening exercises of the tongue can help improve dysphagia's discomfort (Logemann,2015, p1). This would have put Mr. shepherd under a gradual healing process.
In the handover, the nurse mentioned the immobility experienced by Mr. Shepherd though she didn't emphasize the aspiration risks associated with immobility. Nurse Margie should have reminded her colleague about this. Immobility has been associated with ineffective respirations and respiratory movements, therefore inhibiting a client's capability to prevent 

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