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Equity Securities Business Management Case Study Paper (Case Study Sample)


equity securities


Equity Securities
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Question 1
The FDA in the U.S. has just announced that it is in the final stage of approving a vaccine for final stage trials before starting the production of a vaccine for Covid-19.
Given this positive news, the expected U-shape recovery in global economies is now projected to assume a V-shape recovery.
The IMF now projects a 5.5 percent growth rate worldwide for 2021 and 3.6 percent for 2022.
Choose a bank or REIT listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) to carry out your investment analysis, apply your analysis to the most likely impact of such a scenario for the sector that your chosen company belongs to. (10 marks)
You need to determine the most likely impact outcome of a V-shape recovery on the sector of your chosen stock.
V-shaped recovery is described as a quick recovery when it comes to measures taken in economic performance after an economic decline. After an economic decline, the expected adjustment is economic recovery and macroeconomic performance. Therefore, a V-shape recovery is to escape recession (Kyeong, 2020). In Singapore for example, A-REIT is the biggest and most expanded business space and industrial real estate investment listed under the umbrella of Singapore. The REIT's portfolio consists of 102 properties in Singapore, 26 in Australia, and 2 in China that has a good total base asset of $8.3b.The properties cater up to a tenant base of approximately 1,430 both local and international companies ranging from research and development, information technology, life sciences, engineering, logistics, electronics, manufacturing services, electronics, and backroom support office.
-47625186055Figure 1: Keppel Reit Graphical Presentation

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