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Case Study Analysis Management Case Study Research Paper (Case Study Sample)


to discusses the conflict that exists between employees, and how the problem can be addressed.


Case Study Analysis
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Case Study Analysis
Key Issues
One of the key issues is that there is conflict between employees. Dorothy and Bonnie seem not to agree with each other since the former thinks that the latter will take some of her roles. Additionally, there is conflict between some employees and their manager as indicated by Dorothy and Hank. Dorothy is reluctant to carry out tasks that she is asked to by her current manager. Also, it is evident that the employees are opposed to the change that is being introduced by James, the new center manager. Dorothy is also a negative person since she influences other employees to reject the changes that are being introduced by James. Dorothy is also frustrated by the new change in management which affects her motivation.
James states that even though Dorothy has adequate expertise, she is not willing to help her colleagues. James also notices a culture of laxity at Northview when she sees Dorothy watching television after she completes her tasks instead of planning on the activities that should be carried the following day. The above issues are key since they have a negative impact on productivity which is something that has been indicated in a recent memo from headquarters.

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