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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Personal development plan. Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Write your nursing personal development plan


Personal Professional Development Plan
Your name
My professional development plan
The goal of my professional development plan is to grow both academically and in work experience. This will enhance my ability to care for patients more effectively and to transfer my knowledge onto others. Setting professional goals guides professional development and eases the transition from one role to the other. I plan to integrate my professional skills with my skills to improve my nursing practice. A professional development plan also allows one to outline the steps needed to gain specific skills that are marketable in the job market. This essay describes my professional development plan, which includes my professional goals and a development plan to achieve them.
Within the field of healthcare, the learning process is never-ending as we have to stay updated on the current practices in the clinical setting and education (Gastroenterology nursing, 1989). To ensure this happens, I plan to advance my knowledge and obtain a doctorate in nursing practice as it will allow me to study education-based courses. I plan to choose this speciality as it allows me to train more nurses while at the same time learning about new techniques and practices in healthcare. Besides, obtaining my doctorate is bound to open up more opportunities putting me in a position of influence in the healthcare community.

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