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Boeing Workplace Diversity Management Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


How Boeing manages diversity and inclusion in a global workforce.
○ Identify strategies for successfully managing a culturally diverse workplace.
● A quick thought: Boeing is not just a U.S. company, but a multi-international company. They will encounter many different situations regarding cultural diversity and inclusiveness within each of those countries and will have to manage each of them individually.


Boeing Workplace Diversity Management
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Boeing is a multinational aviation company based the United States that specializes in the design and manufacture of commercial, defense, and space aircraft. The company is also engaged in the sale and servicing of its products used everywhere around the world. As a leading manufacturer and seller of airplanes, Boeing employs 150,000 employees from around the world to ensure efficient service and delivery of quality to its customers ("A Culture of Inclusion", 2019). The issue of cultural diversity plays a central role in the optimization of workforce productivity and creation of balance through cultural inclusivity. The impacts of cultural norms on productivity and the value of recruiting multicultural staff are important productivity consideration in the aviation industry. Therefore, aviation companies focus on applying effective leadership to balance multicultural behaviors in workforce management, especially during complexity and organizational change. This essay seeks to discuss the leadership strategies applied by aviation companies to manage workforce diversity, the value of cultural diversity, and the international laws and ethics that govern employee performance in the aviation industry.
The Value of Recruiting Multicultural staff
Boeing has regarded diversity and inclusion as core workforce management values since its inception. Maintaining a multicultural staff has helped the company to develop high-quality aerospace products and services to meet the needs of customers from all over the world. Boeing has achieved multicultural diversity by providing equal employment opportunities for people from all ethnicities and providing a conducive and engaging work environment that provides them equal opportunities for professional growth and personal development. This translates to increased productivity and quality of products and services through creativity and innovation. The ability of Boeing to apply a global diversity strategy has helped in achieving the objectives that aim at attaining business excellence in customer service ("A Culture of Inclusion", 2019). Through the recruitment of multicultural staff, Boeing has been able to tap employee energy through affinity groups that enable them to share various issues of common interest thus building their workplace communities and expanding learning and leadership opportunities.

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