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The Resources Management Coursework Essay Paper Term Paper (Coursework Sample)


The task was to write a bout Planning and Managing Resources


Planning and Managing Resources
Institution Affiliation
Planning and Managing Resources
Question One
1(a) Definition of resource planning
Resource planning is a process of allocating people onto the project and breaking down duties in relation to one another. Often, human resource planning takes into consideration the availability of statuses of individual resources and their level of utilization. With the current technological advancement, machines and gadgets have become an integral part of health care. As a result, the human being is required to use such resources in the right manner to deliver quality health care. The significant resource planning in healthcare comes in due to the high cost for training, too much time delay, and a high percentage of healthcare expenditure allocated to the planning (Kingma, 2018). A research has indicated that a large number of nations are in shortage of workforce in the healthcare sector particularly nursing staffs. This has jeopardized the healthcare sector leading to a high increase in mortality and morbidity. Therefore, resource planning plays a crucial role in healthcare by keeping things under control for the purposes of efficiency in day to day operations of the healthcare facilities. Also, resource plan provides the users with dates for when and how long a resource is required in an organization which helps in outlining important deadlines for a particular task to be accomplished.

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