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Clinical Practice Project: Smoking Cessation (Essay Sample)


Your Clinical Practice Project required you to become a change agent. You selected a problem that was professionally or personally important to you, researched the problem, and developed a plan of action that included strategies for success, stakeholders and resources by linking a QSEN competency. Now it is time to put it all together. You may use the information from your weeks 1-3 templates - but do not just copy and paste - synthesize all of your information.
I am uploading the Clinical Practice Project (CPP) Research: Module 3 which has the QSEN & KSAS competencies for my project. My QSEN competency is patient-centered care and the KSAS competencies are listed on page 2. The rest of the module has all the references on the last page and information about the topic. I have also uploaded the patient handout that was given to patients at my facility. There are two questions that are not answered yet. *Gaps in data and types of additional research.*
I can upload the answers to those questions this weekend.
For this assignment you will write a minimum of a 4-5 page paper (no more than 5 pages, not including the title page, abstract, or reference page) connecting all of your links. Your paper should be in strict APA format including citations and references, and an abstract is required for this paper. You may use first person, but limited use.
Your paper should include:
1. An abstract.
2. An introduction.
3. The frame of your problem. Remember to include your framing information!
4. Supportive organization. (American Lung Assoc)
5. A second solution to your problem (see explanation below).
6. An implementation and evaluation plan for your second solution including a discussion related to your stakeholders and resources.
7. An overall evaluation of your CPP.
8. Preceptor (mentor) experience. (I will include this myself)
9. A conclusion.


Smoking Cessation
Researchers observe that it is often easy to start a habit, but quitting the habit may take quite some time. Smoking is one such habit that human beings easily get into without the idea of how much it may cost them when they want to quit. This paper focuses on smoking cessation, and the purpose of this Critical Practice Paper (CPP) is to aid those who want to quit smoking have an easier time at it. The CPP provides options which those who want to quit smoking can use to help them stop smoking. Supportive organizations are important in smoking cessation, and the best organization is the America Lung Association because they are committed to eradicating lung diseases. Also, the paper offers a second solution which is bound to play an imperative role in smoking cessation.
Smoking cessation is also known as quitting the habit of smoking, and the process simply involves doing away with smoking tobacco. Since the smoke in tobacco contains addictive nicotine, withdrawal makes the process of quitting even longer and more difficult. As noted in my Clinical Practice Paper research, quitting tobacco reduces the risk of dying from diseases that are related to tobacco in a significant way. Some of these diseases include lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and coronary heart disease. The purpose of this paper is to discuss smoking cessation and provide solutions to the problem as well as an overall evaluation of the Clinical Practice Paper.
Framing Information
Quitting an old habit can be a lot of work, especially if that habit contains addictive substances like in the case of 

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