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Complementary and alternative medicine Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


discuss the effectiveness and safety of alternative and complementary medicines.


Complementary and alternative medicine
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Complementary and alternative medicine
Complementary and alternative medicine has both positive and negative effects on human health. Their positive impact is that they quell the aggression of disease, and its disadvantage is that they don't cure. Besides, continuous consumption of the same causes some additional problems for human health. Their consumption has been challenged by many groups of people of which religion is one. Their consumption's negative impact has been addressed, keeping aside a contribution to the beneficially' health. This paper is purposed to discuss the effectiveness and safety of alternative and complementary medicines.
Under certain circumstances, complementary and alternative medicines are toxic to the health of a patient. The toxicity sometimes leads to death. However, regulatory measures have been set to ensure the risk of intoxicating the victims are minimized (Esteghamati et al., 2015). The adverse effects of complementary and alternative medicines are almost as fatal as the symptoms of the diseases. Besides, Belgium doctors have proven that Chinese herbs cause both cancer and kidney failure.
The medical specialists and does not quantify the recommended quantity to be taken by the patient. The specialists give the medicine and the complementary to be consumed as food rather than as a medicine. Therefore, this method of treatment lacks efficacy and safety, as is the requirement by the pharmaceuticals.
Complementary and alternative practitioners have many and different approaches to testing and diagnosing diseases. The patient has to go through numerous testing and diagnosis since it is based on trial and errors (Pallivalapila et al., 2015). This procedure makes it difficult for the standardization of clinical practices. Many people have contacted viral infections as complementary, and alternative medicine specialists use the same tools and might not get time to sterilize them.

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