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Analytic Rubric For Grading: Conflict Resolution In Healthcare (Essay Sample)


to develop an analytic rubric to assess any written assignment in either an academic or clinical setting in nursing.


Analytic Rubric for Grading
Student's Name
Institution Affiliation
Assignment Description
Course Topic: Conflict Resolution in Healthcare
The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to detect and effectively manage conflicts that emerge in care delivery among nurses in your institution for better delivery of quality services to the patients. The student will gain insight into management of conflicts and explain its impact in practice setting.
1 Read chapter three of Finkelman (2017): Coordination, collaboration and conflict resolution, pp. 245-281.
2 Observe nurses in your healthcare institution and identify recurring conflicts that negatively impact patient care.
3 Write a 2 page paper (not including title and reference page) addressing the conflicts and their impacts to the care delivery.
An introduction is required for this paper. Follow the APA guidelines to organize your work. The rubric for the assignment is attached.
Grading Rubric
 Overall Grading


2Less Than Satisfactory80%




Content (70%)


Introduction (10%)

The introduction is not evident to the reader or is missing.

The introduction is insufficiently developed and the purpose is not clear.

The introduction is present but not described in depth.

The introduction is clear and describing the purpose of the paper.

The introduction is comprehensive and clearly tells the reader what to expect.

Concept description (50%)

The primary elements of the concept in the assignment are not described.

The concept is described but insufficiently developed.

Concept is described but fails to paint a clear picture of the topic.

The concept is described well, clear picture developed and analysis done.

Thoroughly presents all the information in a chronological manner as well a s richness of detail.


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