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A Cover Letter And A Resume For Application Of A Job As A Nurse (Essay Sample)


Writing a cover letter for application of a job as a nurse, and attaching a resume.


Cover Letter and Resume
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Dear Mr. /Ms.
I am pleased to be writing for you today following my application for the nursing position on critical care nursing advertised on your website on 20th March 2018. Following the requirements for application stated on your website, I believe my experiences and qualifications make me an ideal candidate for the job. Please find my resume attached.
I have a Bachelors degree in Nursing and 18 years practical experience in critical care, home health, and primary care environments. Throughout my experience, I have proven to work effectively in managing patients as a nurse and managing staff as a nurse administrator. My greatest passion is providing quality care to the patients at all costs, and offering a good working environment for other staff members. For all the organizations I have worked for, I have strived to provide standard services according to the scope of nursing and managed to be one of the pillars of organizational change. Working with patients has been easy throughout my career.
In my current position as an administrator at Incarnation Home Health Services Texas, I have managed to develop cooperative relationships with other agencies to develop the nursing profession. I have also managed to formulate and implement organizational policies through the board of directors to bring about organizational change. During this time I have been recognized as a reliable, understanding and ambitious leader ready to work with my staff to promote quality care in the facility. In addition to the above competencies, my seven years of experience in Memorial Herman Hospital Texas gave me an opportunity to practice skills in critical care nursing, handling difficult cases and overcoming challenges as a nurse practitioner.
My experience as a nurse has been spearheaded by objectives and professional interests that I intend to transfer into your organization. I intend to bring experience, extensive knowledge and care to help improve the quality of services provided to patients. As a manager, I strive to provide excellent supervision, promote cooperation and steer up organizational change benefiting both patients and the institution. I am ready to use my administrative skills to enhance teamwork, improve relationships between the co-workers and increase patient satisfaction through supervision. My professional interests lie in patient care and improvement of quality services in the organization. I like the leadership role because it gives me the opportunity to interact with many people in the nursing profession.
I believe a relationship with your organization would be beneficial as I seek to utilize my skills to enhance development and improve patient outcomes. Thank you for taking your time to go through my resume. I look forward to your response. Please find my resume attached.
Yours Sincerely,
AddressSTUDENT'S NAME Email Address
Critical Care Nurse
An energetic, thoughtful, integrity-driven professional nurse with an excellent clinical background in critical care nursing, offering total care to ill patients in the hospital settings at all costs. Offers total patient care with exceptional skills in emergency patient management and elicits fast r

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