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Crucial Conversations Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Application Exercise. Identify a need for a crucial conversation in your place of work. Apply the knowledge you have gained from your readings. Interact at work by facilitating a crucial conversation. Evaluate the outcome of your interaction and post a summary. Support your entire process with documentation. Instructions Initial post: Reflection, application with exemplar and minimum of 2 resources, one in addition to texts. Peer post: Prompt, include ideas/examples, minimum of one resource.


Crucial Conversations
Discussion Board - See example below ...
Roussel, Haris, and Thomas (2016) assert that the complexity of organizations, diversity of staffs, and ever-changing environments presents situations that actually mandate crucial conversations. Roussel et al. (2016) go on to note that crucial conversations are compassionate dialogs (not monologs) that address tough issues, exploring options and perspectives of others.
One common thread of the workplace in which I have found myself in need of conducting crucial conversations is involving staff behavior towards coworkers and especially subordinates. More often than not it’s not horribly blatant. Major, Alvarez, and Ireland Sweeny (2013) note that the most common forms of this behavior include nonverbal innuendo, verbal affront, undermining activities, withholding information, and sabotage. Major et. al (2013) go on to state that this behavior may be overt, such as when one shouts at or blames a coworker, or makes faces or raises eyebrows in response to a co-worker’s communication.

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