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Evaluating Various Advocacies in Nursing (Essay Sample)


What examples of advocacy do you see in your own nursing practice, or the nursing practice of others?
What are the barriers you have experienced to effective nursing advocacy? What are ways to mitigate those barriers?


Nursing Advocacy
Advocacy strategies applied in nursing practice helps patients in many ways including keeping them safe, safeguarding their rights as well as improving communities. A nurse who can advocate effectively comprehends the various techniques which would foster better healthcare changes which benefit both individual patients and the community at large. This paper is about nursing advocacy in which strategies of nursing advocacy and barriers to nursing advocacy are covered. The barriers to nursing advocacy can be mitigated in many ways. Advocacy strategies are simply the tactics which are used by nurses to actively provide support to patients and communities in terms of their healthcare.
Examples of Advocacy in Nursing
The first example of advocacy in nursing is handling of patients with respect. Nurses often seek to help maintain the dignity of patients. Since they treat patients hailing from all manner of cultures and backgrounds, they must handle them with respect (Abbasinia, Ahmadi, & Kazemnejad, 2020). A nurse who comprehends the manner in which people can be advocated for seeks also to understand and respect their background, desires and needs and seeks to assist the to make sure that they also receive respect from other members of the medical team.

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