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The Scientific and Technical Concepts Related to Nuclear Medicine (Essay Sample)


Subject: Health Science and Nursing
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Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear medicine is a specialized branch of modern medicine that exploits the process of radioactivity for imaging, diagnosis, and treatment. Many imaging techniques inject small amounts of radioactive material into the body, which are then tracked by a sensing device specific to the type of radiation emitted from that material. Radiation has also been used to destroy diseased tissue, typically beyond the reach of standard surgical techniques.
Task: Explain the scientific and technical concepts related to nuclear medicine. Consider the following questions when you construct your response:
What type of radiation is typically exploited in most nuclear medicine procedures?
How are patients prepared for nuclear medicine procedures?
What are the advantages and limitations of nuclear medicine?
What ailments are typically diagnosed and treated via nuclear medicine procedures?
Evaluate a minimum of three applications of nuclear medicine relating to any of the following topics: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans Gallium scans Indium white blood cell scans Iobenguane scans (MIBG) Octreotide scans Hybrid scanning techniques employing X-ray computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Nuclear medicine therapy using radiopharmaceuticals
Support your statements with examples. Provide a minimum of three scholarly references. Write a 2–3-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


Scientific and Technical Concepts Related to Nuclear Medicine
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Scientific and Technical Concepts Related to Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear energy is highly beneficial to humans as a good source of electric power and plays a critical role in constructing weapons. The field of medicine has also tapped this energy to help in illness detection and other ways. Unlike in the past century, nuclear medicine has provided a reliable approach to treat illnesses and ailments that have challenged the health care industry for a long time. It is among the most advanced technological innovations benefitting human beings. As a detailed concept, the best way to understand nuclear medicine is to analyze procedures, advantages and limitations, and applications in today’s health care practice.
Regarding procedures, nuclear medicine typically uses radiation. As Prakash (2014) explained, Tc-99 is used in almost all nuclear medicine procedures. Naturally, a radioisotope considered for the diagnostic process must emit gamma rays with adequate energy to escape from the body, and its half-life should be short so that it dies soon after imaging ends. When preparing patients for the procedure, several considerations are made to avoid complications or regrettable consequences. Mettler and Guiberteau (2019) highlighted that doctors must ensure that patients do not eat or drink anything for a minimum of four hours before the exam. Water (NPO) opiate-based narcotics (1-2 days) should be avoided too. If a patient must stop taking some medications, it is crucial to consult the doctor. Overall, it is a complicated procedure with many considerations.

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