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History, Content, and Structure of Nursing Theories (Essay Sample)


Week 1: History, Content, and Structure of Nursing Theories
As a part of our initial discussion of nursing theories, we shall explore the foundational components of nursing theories and explore guidelines for the review and assessment of these theories. It is very important that advanced practice nurses work to develop a clinical practice that is grounded in the premises of selected nursing theorists. This blend of theory and practice is essential to the provision of quality patient care.
Discussion 1.1: Metaparadigms and Impact of Theoretical Statements
Discussion Guidelines
Initial Post
Reflecting on the information presented in your text, answer the following questions:
Describe one concept of the nursing metaparadigm and apply it to your practice.
Identify three major tenets (beliefs) of your personal philosophy of nursing.
Explain how you came to believe in these ideals.
This discussion will be graded using the Discussion Initial Post and Replies Rubric found in your syllabus.
Response Post(s)
Using the RISE Model for Meaningful Feedback (PDF) (Links to an external site.) reply to the initial posts of at least two of your classmates.
Post your initial and follow-up responses and review full grading criteria on the Discussion 1.1: Metaparadigms and Impact of Theoretical Statements page.
The history of nursing and the subsequent development of nursing theories has significantly contributed to our discipline of nursing. As a community of scholars and practitioners from all venues we continue to develop both the art and science of our discipline. The process of review and evaluation of nursing theories is a continual one. Outcomes from this process are more clearly defined bonds between theory and practice in the nursing setting.


NUR 700 Discussion 1.1: Metaparadigms and Impact of Theoretical Statements
NUR 700 Discussion 1.1: Metaparadigms and Impact of Theoretical Statements
Discussion Post
One of the four paradigms of nursing is health. The paradigm of health refers to the extent of wellness and the access to healthcare services a patient has. The health is characterized by various dimensions of motions. The health and wellness can also be described in terms of the genetic composition, the emotional, social, intelligent and spiritual aspects (Deliktas et al., 2019). All the aspects of health must be integrated to achieve desired nursing care outcomes for the patients. I recently interacted with the cancer patients in my place of work. I applied the health metaparadigm by seeking to understand the social, genetic, and spiritual needs and characterization of the patients (Bender, 2018). The interaction helped in discovering the pertinent social and spiritual needs of the patients which them be integrated in the nursing care plan.

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