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Literature Review on HIV Prevention and Truvada Pills Health Essay (Essay Sample)


The student was supposed to craft a literature review of the use of truvada pills for hiv prevention. they were supposed to source the information from an annoted bibliography that was already provided, and from sources whose links were provided.


HIV Prevention: A Literature Review
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HIV Prevention: A Literature Review
Over the past few years, the CDC has unveiled glaring gaps along with the treatment of HIV, targeting the long-endured needs of people living with or without the condition. Their prime target are the people highly exposed to the disease. Pre-exposure prophylaxis, abbreviated as PrEP, entails the usage of drugs to protect uninfected persons from acquiring HIV. Truvada pills are a good example of these drugs. CDC’s report contains informative management tips for individuals prone to the infection. The instructions revolve around safe sex practices, risk testing, counselling, and usage of Truvada pills. Although these drugs are supposedly effective as a prevention measure, several questions about them remain. This review provides a precise appraisal of the current evidence supporting Truvada usage. It addresses all the issues regarding its efficiency, safety, dependability, and risk compensation.
           Strategies to prevent HIV have mostly failed to leave the expected impact on the pandemic. Erudite studies propose that PrEP, however, has the ability to restrain the spread of HIV from one person to the other. For a group of people highly prone to the disease, usage of Truvada oral pills may significantly reduce the risk of a new case. Effectiveness studies in all levels of income settings have suggested that PrEP can be delivered viably within the present health regimes. Nonetheless, the provision of Truvada pills currently varies from state to state, where national PrEP programs have been created. This review also provides a vivid impression of adherence, behavioral risks, and the cost-effectiveness of Truvada pills.

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