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Public health data Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


research about health care technology


The Use of Informatics to Gather Public Health Data for Mass Inoculation.
Nurses have a duty to keep patients safe during this flu season. Nurses are at risk no matter where they work since they are always in direct contact with sick patients every day. The flu this time is Covid-19, where it has affected and taken many people's lives, including health workers. The nurses have a duty to keep patients safe by looking at the community's overall needs by carrying out community assessment to determine their needs in terms of vaccination. The use of informatics will help gather data that would help in the initiation process of mass vaccination.
Various types of public health data can be used to determine the need for mass vaccination of the Covid-19 vaccine. Soucie (2012) noted that the first thing to do is conduct viral surveillance, which will help determine the rate at which the virus has spread to different parts of the world. By conducting the surveillance, countries can set out their priorities and come up with interventions that could help reverse the pandemic. The next to be data collected will involve determining the comorbidity of the virus. Comorbidity refers to the situations where there exists more than one disorder in the same infected person. The demographic data should be collected to determine how the virus has affected different people in the community. The social determinants like the socio-economic status, education, age, and other determinants like other previous mass vaccination experiences.

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