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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Transformational Leadership for Underpinning Handwashing in the Community (Essay Sample)


Research and select a leadership theory.
Describe how this leadership style will underpin your identified health problem, need, or opportunity for growth.
Compare and contrast your selected theory with at least one other theory.
o Describe how you would apply this theory to your proposed change if you were the project manager.
Apply the evidence to develop a solution to your practice problem or need.
APA format is required - including title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference page.
The paper must include at least two (2) peer-reviewed, scholarly sources.
Paper should be at least 4 - 5 pages.


Transformational Leadership
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Transformational leaders are visionary and change-oriented. They have a clear picture of what they want to achieve. They have a great ability to strongly influence followers towards a course of action (Collins et al., 2020). Therefore, transformational leaders are usually highly effective in guiding employees/ followers towards the achievement of set goals. These leaders do not take a back seat as most managers would. Instead, they lead from the front. This paper will discuss how transformational leadership can be used to lead to better hand hygiene practices in the community. In addition, the paper will compare transformational leadership to transactional leadership theory and provide evidence-based solutions for the problem of poor hand hygiene in the community.
Underpinning Handwashing in the Community
Transformational leadership focuses on motivating people to achieve set goals. Evidence reveals that motivational leaders aim to motivate people to be the best version of themselves (Collins et al., 2020). These leaders have the ability to influence employees to do their best when it comes to achieving set goals. This leadership style would be instrumental in underpinning the concept of handwashing in the community. Handwashing is a crucial practice in the field of healthcare. It helps prevent the spread of some infectious diseases. In addition, it helps prevent cross-infections in healthcare settings. The following are some ways in which transformational leaders can help underpin this important practice.
The first way would be to set high standards for handwashing. Transformational leaders are visionary. The aspect of being visionary helps them have a clear roadmap of where 

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