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Task 3: Business Driven MIS. Management Assignment. (Essay Sample)


How business-driven MIS, value-driven business, E-business, and information security related to each other


Task 3: How business-driven MIS, value-driven business, E-business, and information security related to each other
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Task 3: Business Driven MIS
In the modern world, most companies are driven by the application of management information systems (MIS) to operate the various aspects of the organization. Whether those companies are interested in ordering and shipping goods, conducting other organizational functions, or interacting with clients, MIS is heavily relied upon to provide the underlying infrastructure that enables the effective performance of business activities. MIS has allowed many business organizations to gain a competitive advantage, especially in a fast-paced world that requires the services of the internet (Brucker & Hang, 2015). It is therefore imperative that today’s companies rapidly adapt to innovations, inventions, and technological advancements to maintain the pace of a complex and continuous business changing environment. Companies should bear in mind that if they do not quickly adapt to the rapidly changing business climate, their rivals will, and they will be out business.
Successful companies do not merely incorporate emerging technologies just for the sake of it, no matter the excitement caused by those technologies. Therefore, for a company to implement such technology, it should have a clear objective and a robust business plan to foresee the implementation. It is not a viable organizational strategy to utilize technological solutions simply because the technology is available. The purpose of MIS in this respect is to raise the organizational awareness of the numerous opportunities that a company can take advantage of when it aligns its business strategies with advanced technologies (Cordeiro, 2017). 

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