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Change Management Strategies. Management Assignment (Essay Sample)


How can be changes be brought to an organization? the change management process is described in this sample.


Change Management Process
Change management often refers to the discipline that helps us to prepare, equip and support people to successfully adopt change in order to achieve organizational success and outcomes. Change management provides the best way to support individuals in the organization during change or to change. Change management process occurs through a series of processes. These series of processes are:
1 Request for Change: Change management process occurs due to need or request for change. The request for change is the initial process of change management.
2 Impact Analysis: The second and most important process for effective change management is Impact Analysis. After the Request for Change, the impact of changes on an organization or individual is analysed. The impact of changes whether positive or negative if found in this process.
3 Approve/ Deny: After the impact analysis process, if the change is found to have a positive impact on the individual or the organization, then change is allowed or approved to be brought in the individual or the organization. Otherwise the change is denied and the change management process stops after this process.

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