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Creating a Culture of Innovation Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


This paper is intended to discuss about a process of creating a culture of innovation in a business organization


Creating a Culture of Innovation
Innovation in business means the development of new solutions that provide more reliable and faster ways of meeting requirements. This means that innovation is a very important factor in business and it needs to be implemented for a business to be successful. Depending on the nature of business, innovation can occur in term of an idea, means, skills and technologies. Currently, companies are striving to make innovation an important part of their organization culture (Hrabowski, 2012). This is due to the fact that, innovation offers them with enhanced way of doing things but also it contributes in other areas of management such as production, marketing and people management. Therefore, the most innovative company is likely to gain a competitive advantage over its peers. However, despite the benefits offered by innovation, a great number of companies are still struggling to find better ways of integrating innovation in their organizational culture (Hrabowski, 2012). This paper is intended to discuss about a process of creating a culture of innovation in a fictional company ABC.

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