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The CSR Analysis Management Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


The assignment is about the description of the CSR ACTIVITIES OF AN ORGANIZATION


CSR Analysis
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Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept in the management of companies that involves integrating the operations of the company with the interests of other stakeholders. In CSR, firms contribute to the welfare of its stakeholders in terms of economic, social and environmental improvement. It is a concept applied when a firm takes part in promoting the social welfare of those affected by its operations. In the contemporary business world, organizations do not only aim at maximizing profits but also improving the welfare of society. CSR is said to be successful if a company maximizes the benefits it offers to the community while enhancing its competitiveness in the business environment (Jia, 2019). The International Labor Organization recognizes CSR, and it describes it as activities carried out by a firm that impact positively on the society and ensures that the firm upholds its values and principles.

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