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Howard Street Tunnel Fire in Baltimore. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was to analyze a disaster event and the role played by the incident commander In ensuring a fast response.
the sample answers the above question.


Howard Street Tunnel Fire in Baltimore
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The Howard Street Tunnel Fire in Baltimore was a 60-car transportation freight train derailment that occurred in 2001. The accident led to the sparking of a chemical fire. The fire led to the shutdown of the downtown area and lasted for approximately six days. The incident also resulted in the rupture of a water pain which flooded the streets hence disrupting the East Coast rail service. It slowed the internet in the United States of America after destroying a cable that passed through the tunnel. At around 4 pm after the derailment of the cars, smoke was seen emerging from the different utility holes around the area. Smoke was also emerging from the ends of the tunnel. This was caused by the rupturing of one of the cars which had carried a flammable substance. The fire caught other cars that had wood and paper. Another car also ruptured, releasing hydrochloric acid.

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