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Good business management Management Essay Paper Research (Essay Sample)


Analysing effective ways of employee motivation


Article Analysis
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Article Analysis
General Overview and Hypothesis
The article “10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Motivate Employees” from the Square Editorial team seems dedicated to providing ways and tactics that can be adapted by managers to motivate their employees. Besides meeting the goals of a business, increased productivity, and among other benefits related to employees’ motivation, the author of the article primarily aims at how a company can retain its stellar employees. Also, the article provides a graphical analysis to demonstrate what factors impact the employees’ motivation more than the others. Lack of motivated human resources at the workplace, businesses would be placed in a very vulnerable and risky position.
Major Issues of the Article
The main subject addressed in the article is the key tactics that managers can employ to keep employees motivated at the place of work. Among these tactics include:
Creating a pleasant place for employees in the business. Every employee wants a well-kept, well-it, functional place of work as well as equipment which are up to date. A nice-looking and clean office is ideal for every worker and, by extension, to the customers CITATION Cle19 \l 1033 (Cleverly, 2019). Sprucing employees’ place of work must not be expensive.
Showing respect and being supportive of the employees. Managers can always boost their employees’ motivation via honesty, respect, and supporting them whenever they need some help CITATION Cle19 \l 1033 (Cleverly, 2019). Every employee will have pride in working with a manager who knows how to draw boundaries.

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