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Performance management. Approaches for measuring performance (Essay Sample)


approaches for measuring PERFORMANCE


Performance management
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Approaches for measuring performance
Performance measurement is an integral part of the workplace as it gives a platform for managers and supervisors to measure staff performance plus determine whether workers are meeting the organization's expectations (Bornmann, 2017). The approaches of performance measurement vary according to the workplace environment, employee's occupation, and type of business.
Graphic rating scales
Graphic rating scales remain supreme for production-oriented work environs, also for other workplaces that change at a wild pace, for instance, those initiated in the food and beverage industry (Stindt, 2017). A graphic rating scale comprises a list of performance standards, job duties, and a scale generally from one to five for rating worker's performance. It requires preparation like other approaches, but it can be accomplished relatively quickly, which is an improvement for supervisors who manage extensive departments or competing tasks in an atmosphere that leaves little time for employee's management responsibilities.

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