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The stressor at the work environment and how to cope Management Essay (Essay Sample)


The stressor at the work environment and how to cope
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The stressor at the work environment and how to cope
In this assessment, we will focus on four stressor factors that commonly affect employees in the work environment. The occupation stressors role such as conflict and ambiguity on jobs without descriptions and did not indicate the expected outcomes. The effects of workload on employees' job performance and job security at this period of the COVID 19 pandemic, many companies have closed, and employees are worried about their retention of jobs. The kind of harassment and how their confidence is affected, self-esteem, and job performance while at the same time discussing the coping mechanisms we applied to overcome these stressors at work.
Impact of occupational stress on employee mental health
The role conflict involved the incompatibility between values, abilities, time, overload, and requirements of work and family, and role ambiguity involved the extent of one’s responsibilities and degree of authority, was unclear. According to Hwang et al., (2014p68), in their study of the consequence of lack of job clarity, among the hospitality industry, and found out high cases of mental distress among employees, and it was more pronounced when there was a mismatch between the pressure and autonomy given to workers. 
As suggested by Kazmi (2008 p137), doctors experienced high effects on occupational stress in turn negatively influenced their job performance, because of the workload and the emotions involved in treating the sick, doctors suffer psychologically. Further various kind of occupations exposures workers to all types of stress was associated with less satisfaction with medical practice, negative attitudes about the medicare system, and health care in general (Richardsen & Burke 1991).
Sutanto and group (2017), they evaluated 316 professional salespersons, who worked in cellular phone-shops at Trade Centers located in Surabaya, used purposive sampling, results indicated that the role conflict had negative effects on job performance. Parvaiz and colleagues (2015 p58), indicated in their study of the impact on turnover intention in the 205 Pakistan academic sector, and analyzed role conflict and found out that there was a positive and significant relationship with Job Stress. Papastylianou and group (2009 p300), while a study on burnout, role conflict, and ambiguity 562 teachers in seventy-nine Primary Education State Schools in Greece, they found that teachers experienced low-moderate levels of burnout and depression. Cinamon and colleagues (2007 p255), they did a study on 230 Israeli high school teachers assessing burnout, and they indicated that the role of conflict led to burnout among teachers. And a study on the effects of role ambiguity on the banking sector employees indicated that role ambiguity led to stress at work, suggesting that bank employees suffer burnout (see Khattak et al., 2013 p35). Yongkang and colleagues (2014 p8), explored the relationship between role conflict, ambiguity, on the middle-level on 220 cadres Chinese, and suggested that time and anxiety caused more stress on the employees. According to Schieman and group (2006 p249), in their studies, indicated that adults in Toronto men and women in higher-status occupations, self-employed, and those with high authority, and work longer hours, experienced higher levels of work-to-home conflict than workers in lower-status jobs. 

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