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Managing Diversity: Can Women ‘Have It All’? Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Managing Diversity Week 10
The idea of “having it all” continues to be discussed in politics, media and academic work. Discuss the extent to which women today can freely choose the career they want, commenting on work-life balance, challenges, developments and strategies at multiple levels.
Seierstad, C. and Kirton, G. (2015). Having it all? Senior women and work-life balance in Norway. Gender, Work and Organization. vol 22 (4) 390-404.
• 1-) What is the core, that is, most important argument of the reading? (What is the most important point the author(s) make(s)?
• 2-) What are some of the specifying arguments, that is, more particular claims made under the core / umbrella argument? What are the more particular points the authors make empirically and/or theoretically, that build towards, support, and qualify the core argument?
• 3-) What kind of evidence is used to support these arguments? How is the evidence gathered?
• 4-) Are you convinced of the core argument and the specifying arguments? Is the evidence satisfactory? Why or why not?
• 5-) Do you think this reading important? Helpful? How does it challenge previous research or theorizing in the related managing diversity, and how does it expand our understanding of the topic and concepts discussed earlier in this module?
• 6-)How can this article help us in unpicking the essay question?


Student’s Name
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Can Women ‘Have It All’?
The debate on how, or if, women can ‘have it all’- good career, children, and partner has dominated politics, academic work and the popular media. Opinions towards this issue are divisive. Some people argue that a woman must have to choose between having a family and a career and decide what is more valuable to her. Others claim that it is possible for a woman to combine having a child or children and still have a great career without impacting her performance I the workplace. To this effect, numerous articles have been published on how women can combine having a family and a great career (Seierstad and Kirton, 2015; Slaughter, 2015). Despite all these efforts, statistics seem to show otherwise. Women seem to struggle to get all the way to the top in their careers. For instance, in Europe, less than 10% of the universities are managed by women (Cutrice, 2011). Only 17% of the lawyers in Fortune 500 companies are women (Cutrice, 2011). Even in relatively democratic and egalitarian country like Norway, more men are in leadership positions than women (Seierstad and Kirton, 2015). It is no different in the USA. Slaughter (2015) narrates her experience working as a high-level US governmental and how she found it difficult to make it against a society that is structured to prevent women from having it all. This article examines the extent to which women today can freely choose the career they want, while having a family. It examines the challenges that face women in high-commitment careers and explore the strategies and developments that can address these challenges at multiple levels

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