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Notting Hill Carnival Essay. Management Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Case-study of an event planning scenario: Notting Hill Carnival.
The task is to research, revise, and prepare to write a short essay from a choice of unseen essay questions within a time-constrained environment.
Students will be able to access their notes and references to support their answers.


Notting Hill Carnival
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Notting Hill Carnival brightens the streets of London end of August since 1966. The event attracts thousands of people that come over to witness a display of culture especially British black culture. This is one of the biggest street events in the world. As a result, this event calls for careful planning to bring out its objectives as efficiently as possible. To successfully organize an event, an analysis of both internal and external factors that may affect it need to be understood (Shone and Parry, 2004). This paper, therefore, analyzes the environment of Notting Hill Carnival using both swot and pestle analyses in planning the event.

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