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HNBS 317 Understanding and Leading Change. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


It ANALYSE factors how Leading Change in the organization


HNBS 317 Understanding and Leading Change
F Sahabuddin
The London College, UCK
Task 1.1
The structure of the organization that is employed by the company illustrates the effectiveness and weakness of the organization structure when trying to achieve its objectives. These structures of the organisation affect the performance of the company. For the last five years due to high competition the company has been forced to change their organization to adapt to the new dynamic process. The strategy of the company has been redefined to focus on quality service of customer and innovation more. The power culture and tall structure that has been used by Mark and Spencer Company did not match their new objectives (Doppelt, 2017).
The tall organization is not effective in responding to competition because of several levels of management that are involved in the process of decision making. The power organization discourages innovation and creativity because power is selected for the few people who are at the top of the organization on hierarchy. The company suffered a lot because this organization model discourages evolution to adapt to changes in the new environment. Currently, the company is using a flatter organizational structure. The organizational structure encourages direct contact between clients and employees. It enables the employees to develop and learn the knowledge that concerns the behaviour and needs of the customers (Yang at al., 2014).
The company is employing at least 3000 people currently in London head office that have different roles. This form of organization has changed the organization in the different method because of the job description that tends to follow certain rules. The relation between different levels of the department in management is limited to facilitate the quick decision-making process. This has resulted in the transformation of the company because of the quick response to different changes. It also encourages innovation without companies’ fits or image risking to be compromised (Piirto, 2016).
Task 1.2
Changes in the technology in customer service delivery have led to changes in the organization. Development in the mobile apps and access to social media by various clients has forced the company to adapt to these changes. Statistics illustrate that at least 25% of the consumers prefer online shopping method. Due to this, the company has been forced to develop web-based shopping to rich, diverse clients. Cutting-edge technologies in fashion design and food process have resulted in changes in the company both structurally and transformational. The changes in the technology force the company to adopt the changes or be eliminated in the market by competition.
Having a clear strategy and vision is the driver of change. The dynamic business environment requires the companies to develop effective strategies to realize their goals and objectives. The vision of the company is to improve and reshape and improves the UK store estates for the multichannel world. For the company to achieve the vision, new strategies are required to be put in place. Changes in the strategies mean that the company will change its operation, procedures or structure of administration to achieve the objectives set in place. Its therefore, drivers the company to change to ensures they remained competitive and attractive to the clients (Toda, and Dawson, 2017).
The 2018 retail crisis is hitting Mark and Spencer a lot. The crisis is due to shifting to online, squeezing of the income, high debt and changing of the clients taste. It is driving the company to be innovation and creativity to adapt to new dynamic demands of the clients. The crisis requires urgent intervention and methodologies from the company to ensure it navigates the new turbulent retail industry appropriately. There is a need for the company to evaluate and examine in detail which projects that is not productive for them to reduce running cost. SWOT and PESTLE analysis should be conducted to determine areas that can be improved and where operating cost might be reduced. This crisis in the industry is the force that is driving change in the company.

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