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Medical benefits of Marijuana do not justify its Legality Health Essay (Essay Sample)


Medical benefits of Marijuana do not justify its Legality
Argumentative essay


Medical benefits of Marijuana do not justify its Legality
During the end of the 1980s period and the onset of the 1990s decade, marijuana was found to reduce pain during the treatment of cancer. It was also reported to reduce nausea, which was one of the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. In addition, it also helped reverse the effect of wasting in AIDS patients. This was through an improved appetite that allowed the patients to feed and provide the body with the needed nutrients to maintain a healthy stature (Chu, Yu-Wei). It has also been found to control muscle spasms as a result of multiple sclerosis.
On the other side of the divide, medical use of bhang has been severely objected by the federal government in its quest that is geared towards zero tolerance of illicit drugs. This has led to the prevention of use of marijuana for medical purposes as well (Clark, Peter A. et al.). It was cited by the Clinton Administration to have no proven safety or efficacy. It has also been cited to lead to the use of other illegal drugs. It was also deemed that if the use of marijuana was made legal, it would lead to the wrong impression among the general public and especially teenagers. They would potentially start citing its medical benefits and enjoyment as a recreational drug.
Although marijuana could have some medical uses, research has found that there are other medical drugs that could be used as alternatives. This makes it less crucial for marijuana to be legalized for medical use. The main reason why it should not be used for medical purposes is because it may lead to non patient users feigning illness so that they can get a prescription (Leyton, Marco). On this note, making it totally illegal would eliminate the excuse and loophole for illegal substance abuse.
There are many risks that have been linked to the use of marijuana. For instance, since it is a drug that causes a feeling of high, it has led to car and other machinery accidents. This is as a result of impaired judgement. More emphasis has been on citizens to avoid drunk driving. However, driving and operating machinery while under the influence of marijuana may cause accidents that may sometimes be fatal. This is because marijuana causes impaired judgement and slower reaction times. A person may therefore be more likely to miscalculate braking distance and timings and end up causing an accident that could have been easily avoided if he or she would not have been under the influence of marijuana.

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