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Sociology of Health and Illness Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


You will be writing a 250-400 word (1 -1.5 pages) essay on one of the following topics:
1. The Experience of Acute Illness: Choose an acute illness that you ,or someone close to you, has or has had. Reflect on the experience of illness by answering the following questions:
a. Did you, or the person you interviewed, take on the “sick role” (see pages 7-9),and if so what rights and responsibilities went along with this role?
b. Which “popular cultural conceptions of health, illness, and disease” (see pages 181-193) seem to apply to this experience? Explain.

the attached sample addressed the above questions. The reference text was provided and the final paper needed to be Double spaced and in Times new roman 12.
The client requested for revision thus resulting in a higher word count.


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The Experience of Pneumonia
I assumed the “sick role” after I contracted pneumonia. Some of my social roles include a healthcare worker, neighbor, family member, and friend. The structural-functionalism perspective holds that the person’s roles are essential in conceptualizing his relationship with society. However, I could not fulfill my essential social roles, prompting temporary legitimization of my condition, contingent to the mentioned obligation’s fulfillment. Therefore, this paper evaluates my “sick roles” after contracting pneumonia and the recovery journey.
I was exempted from my normal societal roles. In this vein, I was offered a legitimate excuse to stay away from work, household roles, or chores, as well as staying in bed most of the time. I also received a medical certificate signed by the physician and medical diagnosis to prove the acute illness. Also, I had the right to not being responsible for my health condition. The sickness was termed as accidental and beyond my control since it resulted from misfortune and not my will (Clarke 7). Therefore, I received sympathy and was accorded the “sick role” rather than be punished.

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