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Medical Geography Management Essay Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


Choose one of the two topics below for your primary post. Your primary post is due by Wednesday 11:55 PM ET, and your two required replies by Sunday, 11:55 PM ET.
Topic 1. Subsaharan African Geography in the News
For this forum, find a recent news article (within the past 12 months) that describes the latest developments in a conflict, issue, or other major event in the Subsaharan Africa realm. Provide a brief summary of the conflict/issue/event that your article describes, and your own analysis of how this issue might affect the realm, and might be resolved. Be sure that the topic of the news article has some connection with the geographical issues and concepts we've been discussing, and be sure to highlight these connections in your discussion.
Remember that your article summary must be in your own words to avoid plagiarism.
Topic 2. Medical Geography
Subsaharan Africa has a number of diseases and other health issues which cause significant suffering for its residents and presents significant public health challenges. Choose one health concern in Subsaharan Africa that gets your attention. Describe the disease or issue, why it’s such a problem, and how the areas affected might best meet the challenges posed by it. Be sure to highlight the geographical aspects of the disease.
Your work will be graded according to the following categories:


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Medical Geography
Approximately 10% of the people living in Sub-Saharan Africa have HIV/AIDS (Costa). The pandemic spread much faster since the numerous victims find it difficult to access medical care. Similarly, the lack of adequate information and awareness about HIV among the Sub-Saharan African population, coupled with insufficient global funding, has contributed to several new infections in the region (Costa). Therefore, multiple HIV patients succumb to the virus due to late diagnosis and treatment failure.

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