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Traffic congestion and decongestion. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


it was an essay ANALYzing traffic congestion especially in urban areas


Traffic congestion and decongestion
The problem of traffic congestion is well known, especially in urban areas. Many people have migrated from the rural areas and are now living in urban areas. Most people believe that there are more opportunities in these areas and move in search of better living standards. In these areas, there is traffic both on the roads by vehicles and the pathways by pedestrians. People living in such conditions are aware of the effects of traffic. The consequences of traffic congestion are dire and may lead to a change of lifestyle for some individuals. However, the problem of traffic congestion can easily be solved and this paper will help point out some of the solutions for the problem affecting large cities around the world.

Many people deal with the problem of traffic congestion on a daily basis. Roads in the major cities and those leading to and out of these cities can become hectic in most parts of the day. The major causes of the traffic jams in these roads are accidents on the roads, construction on parts of the roads, and basically many cars on the road. In this century, owning a car is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Most people prefer own transport means as one can move around any time they want instead of travelling at a specific time when the bus or train is set to leave the station. 

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