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ANCC magnet hospitals Health, Medicine, Nursing Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


a discussion on how hospitals can improve their service delivery in order to achieve the 'magnet' title.


ANCC Magnet Hospitals
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ANCC Magnet Hospitals
Good is not enough when it comes to certification in the health sector, as everyone wants to get the best services from accredited practitioners and hospitals. The American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC) is a body that offers certification to individuals and institutions, which provide career advancement in nursing. It recognizes the vitality of high-quality Continuing Nursing Education, residency and fellowship programs, skills-based competency programs, and inter-professional continuing education programs. Most people and organizations rely only on standard government-run national boards for credentialing. However, to be considered among the best nursing institutions, there is a need to obtain certification from the ANCC and become Magnet Hospitals. This is the highest level of recognition that exists globally and hence it is evidence of outstanding performance and quality of services offered by the specific organization. It is important that all individuals and organizations which offer nursing services strive to get credentialed as consumers rely on this designation as the ultimate proof of high-quality nursing for various reasons.

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