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Financial Factors that Influence Health Care Today (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The paper is on financial factors that influence health care in contemporary society


Financial Factors that Influence Health Care Today
Financial Factors that Influence Health Care Today
In the provision of healthcare, finances are essential as they aid in the meeting of healthcare related costs and acquisition of the appropriate resources. In the current world, the business of healthcare is influenced by numerous financial factors. Individual spending on the U.S. health care attains a new peak by reaching $10.345, and this is expected to rise in the future. Compared to other developed nations, the United States spends a higher percentage of the GDP in health care although the Americans continue being unhealthy. There is the identification of a connection between socio-economic status and health outcomes and the significance of the Affordable Care Act for Americans. The paper aims to explore the financial factors affecting current healthcare system, as well as discuss the financial responsibility in the practice of nursing and the American’s health care vision.
In the United States health care, personal socioeconomic status is closely linked to one’s health and health outcomes. The reason is that individuals with low income are limited from seeking for quality health care because of its associated expenses and cost. Besides, good health is related to higher income. Therefore, one’s income affects his or her capacity to acquire health care. Nonetheless, health care is a right among the Americans and the American Government needs to make an effort of seeing that all individuals are able to access health care (Abraham et al., 2011). In other words, it is the responsibility of the American Government to cater for public health care costs; and that is why there was the introduction and implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
Due to The Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is clear that the acquisition of quality health care in America is very expensive. Therefore, the establishment of ACA is a solution for the majority of the Americans, especially the poor and the aging people. Through ACA, it became possible for the Americans to have quality and affordable health insurance, hence the reduction of the percentage of the uninsured individuals and minimize the amount of money spent on healthcare (Alrubaiee & Alkaa'ida, 2011). Besides, ACA allows healthcare consumers to contribute to the healthcare decision-making process.
Nurses have a role to play in the provision of healthcare which has to acquire economic support (Zavras, Tsiantou, Pavi, Mylona, & Kyriopoulos, 2012). In the contemporary nursing practice, finances influence how nurses play their roles through the acquisition of better salaries, resources to offer quality health care, and meeting all healthcare-linked expenses. Therefore, in an ideal world, the health care vision for America should be based on the ability to meet the financial responsibilities associated with the provision of health care.
Funding Sources
Healthcare funds are sourced from diverse sources such as government spending, which is enhanced through the taxes collected from the citizens, non-governmental sources such as self-contribution through the out-of-pocket overheads, healthcare insurance premiums as well as the community contributions. It means that all the healthcare funding sources are linked to people’s contributions through paying taxes, and health insurance (Alrubaiee & Alk...
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