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Nursing And The Impacts Of Media On Both The Nurses And The Patients (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The task was about answering questions on ethical issues in the nursing profession and the impacts of media on both the nurses and the patients. This sample describes the clinical situations nurses can develop moral distress and the benefits of media to the nursing career and the sick. It also discusses how social media use can violate ethical nursing practices.


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Clinical Situations in which a Registered Nurse May Encounter Moral Distress and the Possible Mitigation Strategies
The first situation is where the nurse believes that her duty is following orders; a feeling that she possesses no control over the resolutions which are made impacting the sick exists (Jones, 2014). For example, when the nurse knows the patient for long after sometime and perhaps knows some situations more than the physician about the patient, the disappointment develops when the nurse feels that the doctor is practicing care believed not to be the best for the sick. However, this can be mitigated by taking action (The 4A

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