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Reflection on Motivational Interviewing in Behavior Change Interventions (Reaction Paper Sample)


I was instructed to write a reflection on motivational interviewing as an effective method of obtaining lasting behavior change in clients and also analyze two studies describing the effectiveness of the method and its application in different patient groups and disease states. i analyzed two review studies that showed effectiveness but not in all patient groups


Reflection on Motivational Interviewing in Behavior Change Interventions
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Reflection on Motivational Interviewing in Behavior Change Interventions
I conducted Motivational Interviewing (MI) for weight loss in a hypertensive client. At first, I felt odd with the approach advocated in MI as I had to give up all my preconceived ideas of being an expert out to help. It felt like a loss of power and the conversation like a casual interaction with an acquaintance until the client opened up on his knowledge of his condition, his ideas on possible behavioral interventions, and their possible utility in managing his condition. My job as a facilitator for the change—the identification, planning, and empowerment to effect the needed changes—was well received. I must admit the client will have no problem putting into practice the agreed-upon plans. I, therefore, appreciate MI as a practical approach to achieve behavioral change, especially in patients with a high level of self-efficacy
DiLillo and Smith (2011) analyzed the effectiveness of MI in weight loss programs. They observed that MI differs from traditional behavior change processes - which are reliant on prescriptive practices- in employing an empathetic style that supports an individual's control of the behavior intervention. In addition, recognizing a client as a competent agent is crucial in obtaining wide acceptance by the client and the community. DeLillo and Smith (2011) reported on the effectiveness of MI in achieving weight loss. However, no clear superiority of MI to other methods was observed. Studies that showed minimal or no difference were few, and their quality was affected by confounders like the skill and experience of the providers and broad in-group differences.
Oh (2016) reviewed the efficacy of MI in Racial and Ethnic Minorities. REMs have been found to have bad outcomes (compared to Whites) in interventions for mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. Similarly, t

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