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Hepatitis A (Research Paper Sample)


The topic for this paper is HEPATITIS A.
Research Paper Assignment. 40 points (see rubric for details)
Late approvals will attract penalty points (-2 pts) and late submissions -2 pts/day late.
Format Instructions:
 You CANNOT use a Research or Term Paper from previous courses, semester whether in this college or from ANY other college, as TURNITIN WILL FLAG it as having been submitted before EVEN if it was NOT for a Grade. A topic used by you before in ANY course cannot be used again.
 Write up 4 pages max (Plus 1 Cover Pg and 1 Reference Pg.) Total 6 pages.
 Spacing of 1 or 1.5, font size 11 or 12, margins 1” all round.
 Use APA format for references, there are instructions in the College Library for your information.
 Direct quotations MUST be LESS than 10% of your paper even if correctly cited.
 Research must include at LEAST 6 different reliable, scientific sources
 NO Abstract, table of contents or running head required for this paper
 Submit your paper on Canvas in the Assignment tab for Plagiarism assessment on ‘Turnitin’ it should not be over 18% matching. If > 18% your paper will be returned as plagiarized WITH ZERO SCORE.
 DO NOT send by email to your instructor, it will not be graded.
You are required to write a critical analysis of the disease of your choice.
Included in this analysis, you will need to explain how the disease you chose
affects the various body systems where relevant.
The following relevant and concise information must (if pertinent) be included in your write up.
 Name of disease
 History of the disease / Demographic Data: Age, sex, race, distribution in population
 Description of disease
 Anatomy of the system(s) involved
 Effects on other body systems
 Cause of disease
 Signs and symptoms
 Diagnosis of the disease
 Complications, if any
 Treatment options
Conclusion should include the following:
 Brief mention of current or proposed research that may significantly impact the
 disease.
 Prevention strategies if any
 Your insight / opinion
NOTE: you must focus on the anatomy & physiology of the disease/disorder. Discuss
the normal anatomy & physiology of the organ /system affected and then state what the
disease/disorder does to this organ/ system, and other organ systems. In other words, if
you are picking tuberculosis, Do not go all into clinical detail about TB/bacteria that causes it but how the bacteria escape our body’s defenses and its effects on the lung tissue and function.
Suggested Topics for the Paper: (Obtain Instructor’s approval of your topic)
• Leukemia (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia)
• Leukemia (Acute myelogenous leukemia)
• Leukemia (Chronic myelogenous leukemia)
• Leukemia (Chronic lymphocytic leukemia)
• Anemia (Sickle Cell Anemia)
• Anemia (Megaloblastic anemia)
• Anemia (Iron deficiency anemia)
• Anemia (Thalassemia)
• Malaria
• Hemophilia – pick one type
• Hypertension
• Myocardial Infarction
• Heart Failure: various types
Lymphatic System/ Immune System
• Hodgkin’s Disease
• Multiple myeloma
• Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas
• Systemic Lupus - SLE
• Any autoimmune disorder
• AIDS – effects on any ONE body system e.g. – CNS, CVS, Resp. Eyes.
• Asthma
• Whooping cough (pertussis)
• Tuberculosis
• Crohn’s Disease
• Cirrhosis
• Gluten allergy
• Hepatitis A, B or C – pick ONE
• Gluten Allergy – effects on Digestive physiology
• Inflammatory bowel disease
• Colon cancer
• Effects of AGEING or Alcoholism on the Digestive System
• Kidney failure – Acute or Chronic and explain physiology of dialysis
• STDs / PIDS – effects on the Reproductive functions
•Erectile Dysfunction
• Infertility in male or females (Primary or Secondary causes)
• Syphilis – effects on a body system (pick a system to discuss)
• Cystic Fibrosis
• Any tropical disease
You need to contact your instructor with the disease that you wish to write on for
approval. ONLY ONE DISEASE PER STUDENT, so send in your requests early to get your
choice. If you wish to cover a disease that is not on this list, email the instructor for approval.


Critical Analysis of Hepatitis A
Student’s Name
Professor Name
Critical Analysis of Hepatitis A
The outbreak and prevalence of any disease in any part of the world arouse medical attention and research interests globally. Notably, before 1995, the outbreak, incidences, and the spread of Hepatitis A depicted an upward trend globally. For instance, in the US, the disease incidence rate was 6/100,000. However, the incidence rate of Hepatitis A showed a drastic drop from the above rate to 0.4/100,000 upon the introduction of the vaccine (Koenig et al., 2017). From 2016 to 2017, there have been increased cases of Hepatitis A infections and mortality in the US including, Los Angeles, Michigan, New York, and Hawaii. Researchers attribute the 2016 outbreak to the consumption of Raw Scallops sold in the US local eateries. Children below 12 years and older adults with comorbidities, regardless of sex, gender or race, are the most vulnerable populations to contract and experience severe Hepatitis A illnesses such as liver failure (Koenig et al., 2017). This essay will critically analyze hepatitis A, the anatomy and physiology of the healthy biliary system, the causes, effects, signs and symptoms, tests, treatment, and its future preventive measures.
Anatomy and Physiology of a Healthy Liver and Biliary System
Hepatitis A, like all other types of hepatitis infections, attacks the liver, which is a primary organ of the biliary system. Notably, the biliary system comprises the liver, bile ducts, and the gall bladder, all of which contribute to bile formation, storage, and secretion. The liver secretes the bile, which flows in the ducts that constitute the common hepatic duct that transports the bile into the duodenum. The gall bladder serves as bile storage before and after meals, where about 90% of electrolytes and water absorption takes place, leaving out cholesterol and bile acids (Dooley & Sherlock, 2018).  During mealtimes, the gall bladder releases the bile into the small intestines, followed by the contraction of smooth muscles of the gall bladder. 

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