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Human resource management. Management Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Your CEO has asked each departmental head to undertake a critical review of their systems, processes and practices as part of a major organizational change agenda. You have been asked to review an area of HR practice and present a business report to key stakeholders with recommendations for improving practice. To provide the basis for your report, you have been asked to conduct a critical review of secondary sources relevant to the area of practice you have chosen. You should include a mix of narrative and diagrammatic forms, a description of your stakeholders and their needs from this report.
You should: (a) Select an area of HR practice and justify your choice, (b) Undertake a critical review of three secondary sources e.g. research digests, academic and professional literature, online databases, and key texts relevant to the selected area of practice, (c) Summarize the stages of the research process, (d) Highlight some of the different primary research approaches and comment on the advantages and disadvantages of these different approaches, and (e) Summarize the findings and draw meaningful conclusions from your review of the different secondary sources and make justified recommendations for sustaining and/or improving practice, including costs and time frames for implementation. Explain how you would present these to the identified stakeholders.
The attached sample addressed the above areas.


Recruitment and Selection Practice
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Executive Summary
Changes in the business environment, including increased competition and dysfunctional employee behaviors stimulate the need for new HR management concepts. Recruitment is the procedure of discovering possible candidates for anticipated or actual organizational vacancies. All the studies supported the argument that recruitment and selection are essential HR practices in the contemporary business environment. The key research processes include identification of study problem, reviewing literature, clarifying the study problem, creating the study design, defining the study concepts and terms, defining the study population, developing the instrumentation proposal, and data collection. Recruiting internal human resources ensures that the company has more confidence in its qualified staff instead of hiring externally since recruits could take much time to learn the organizational culture as well as the expected outcomes. The key stakeholders interested in the repost include internal departments, company owners, senior managers, guest, company group, competitors, and employees.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc56248867 \h 4HR Practice Issue and Justification PAGEREF _Toc56248868 \h 4Critical Review PAGEREF _Toc56248869 \h 5The Research Process PAGEREF _Toc56248870 \h 8Primary Research Approaches PAGEREF _Toc56248871 \h 9Findings PAGEREF _Toc56248872 \h 10Conclusions and Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc56248873 \h 11Conclusions PAGEREF _Toc56248874 \h 11Recommendations for Practices Improvement PAGEREF _Toc56248875 \h 11Presentation to Stakeholders PAGEREF _Toc56248876 \h 14References PAGEREF _Toc56248877 \h 15
Recruitment and Selection Practice
The evaluation of human resource (HR) practice needs to be centered on well-defined approaches to comprehend the research area complexities better. Organizational HR practices can be perceived as integrating foreign techniques and methods instead of specifically designed tools. The HR practice can be evaluated via its various structures and activities to provide rationales for organizational improvement initiatives. Changes in the business environment, including increased competition and dysfunctional employee behaviors (vandalism, sabotage, absenteeism, and staff turnover), stimulate the need for new HR management concepts. This reinforces the need for effective selection and recruitment processes to eliminate the problems mentioned earlier in the workplace. This report justifies the need to improve selection and recruitment approaches, critically evaluate articles relating to the HR practice concern, summarized research process steps, highlighted specific primary research methods including their merits and demerits, and outlines key findings, draws meaningful conclusions and recommendations, including insights into stakeholder presentation needs.

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